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Quartz crystals have been used since ancient times by a wide variety of spiritual practitioners and healers. Believed to contain powerful healing properties, they have been used for everything from chakra healing and aura cleansing to meditation and mantras.

Used today in a number of electronics like TVs and computers, their programmable nature is believed to exist both literally and metaphysically. Some consider this to be largely due to their structure on the cellular level, and how that structure closely resembles our own. This allows them to be imbued with the user’s intentions, amplified, and then reflected back to them, helping manifest their goals in a myriad of ways.

Below we take a closer look at three of the most popular quartz crystals and dig into their deeper meaning and many uses.


Clear Quartz

two hexagonal pieces of clear quartz

One of the most popular healing crystals, clear quarts is prized for its versatility — in addition to containing a robust series of healing properties, it can also be used in conjunction with other crystals to focus and enhance their properties.

Among other things, clear quartz is believed to assist in manifesting the practitioner’s intentions, helping them amplify, purify and reflect their thoughts and emotions in order to bring about their wishes. Be it the desire for effective meditation or assistance in navigating the murky depths of the mind in order to reach a deeper understanding of one’s self, clear quartz helps the user look inward with clarity and focus.

Also known as the Master Healer crystal, clear quartz has the distinction of being able to aid in the healing of all chakras, and is particularly effective with the crown chakra. Clear quartz is renowned for its ability to clear the mind and eliminate blockages, allowing the mind a clearer, more focused path to understanding and providing stimulation to all the chakras.

Lastly, it is their clear, programmable nature that allows them to absorb, strengthen and reflect the properties of other crystals. Acting as an energy amplifier, they are often used to assist in the specific healing properties of other crystals, making them one of the most highly sought after and infinitely useful healing crystals available.

All of these properties and more also attribute to the many forms in which clear quartz appears, from jewelry and decorations to water bottles, wands and more. Explore just a few of these amazing examples here.



piece of purple amethyst on a table next to a ceramic buddha statue

Another wildly popular quartz crystal, amethyst has been revered for thousands of years. It has held a prominent place in faiths and civilizations all over the world, from the ancient Greeks and the Chinese to Christianity and Judaism.

Amethyst has naturally had a wide variety of meanings throughout its history, believed to symbolize royalty, wealth, prosperity, chastity and protection.

In contemporary spiritual practice, it is most prized for its protective properties, as well as its ability to purify the mind and reduce stress and anxiety. Most notably linked to the crown chakra, it can aid in the removal of negative thoughts, helping provide the mental purity required to focus during meditation and mantras.

Amethyst is still highly regarded as a stone of prosperity as well, another reason it is often found adorning the wrists and necklines of spiritual practitioners, as well as their homes. Its prosperous nature is also believed to be connected to its ability to reduce stress, as abundance can alleviate the worries of those suffering from scarcity.

Throughout history, amethyst has also made a popular gift, used to wish prosperity upon the gift-giver’s loved ones.


Rose Quartz

small polished pieces of rose quartz in a small wooden bowl

The crystal of love and relationships, rose quartz has held a place of high esteem in rituals, ceremonies and meditations for centuries, helping to bring about the desires and focused intentions of many a romantic. With a pale pink hue and a soft, glowing quality, rose quartz is the perfect embodiment of the romantic’s search for true love and deep, meaningful relationships.

Equally important to many a spiritual practitioner is its close connection to compassion and unconditional love, vital aspects of the path to enlightenment and a more mindful way of living. By incorporating rose quartz in your life, you become more able to focus not just on loving others and receiving loving kindness in return, but on directing those same energies toward yourself. This makes it a stone of incredible healing as well, allowing you to see yourself in a softer, gentler, more forgiving light.

From relationships and love to compassion and forgiveness, rose quartz is a crystal of immense power and beauty, helping you see those same qualities in yourself and all those around you. Explore the many ways it can be incorporated into your life here.


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