November 13, 2019 3 min read

With winter officially upon us, it's a good time to remember that not everyone is prepared for the cold months ahead. Historically, winter has been a time of great austerity, with people everywhere tightening their belts and conserving their resources in order to survive.

This is the reason why winter is also known as a time of great generosity, when neighbor helps neighbor in order to ensure the survival and prosperity of the community as a whole. This sentiment is seen far and wide today, as people donate their time and resources to local charities and neighbors in need in order to spread joy in celebration of the holiday season .

Below we discuss three gemstones designed to help you bring about prosperity in your own life and the lives of loved ones. Available in a range of tools, accessories and decorations, these gemstones are a great way to help those in your life prosper and celebrate the holidays.


Aventurine for Prosperity

Green Aventurine Gemstone

Vibrating with energy attuned to prosperity and abundance, Aventurine helps bring about monetary wealth and career success. Aventurine is also well suited for those who are trying to  worry less about their finances. It's far too easy to get caught up in the anxieties related to bills, student loans and other debts. This constant worry can have a profound effect on your mood, greatly affecting your relationships and many other areas of your life. Aventurine helps you ease those worries and go with the flow, allowing prosperity to more easily find its way into your life.

Green Aventurine especially has more playful properties associated with abundance, allowing you to relax and enjoy what you have instead of focusing on what you lack. A prized charm of gamblers and sports bettors everywhere who swear on the gemstone’s effectiveness, they are also worn and carried by those who just want to enjoy a friendly game of poker or the occasional scratch-off lottery ticket.

However you choose to utilize the power of Aventurine, they come in a wide variety of jewelry and decorations like those found here.


Tiger’s Eye for Prosperity

Tiger's Eye Gemstones

Tiger’s Eye provides a great many advantages to the bearer, including those related to prosperity and success. And how it goes about manifesting those properties is quite fascinating.

Most every person worried about their finances falls into the habit of viewing their issues and potential solutions from one point of view. The more worried we become, the more we narrow our focus in an attempt to alleviate those worries. With Tiger’s Eye, we’re given the opportunity to once again view our financial problems from a different perspective.

By stepping back and approaching our concerns from a different angle, we’re provided with the ability to see with new eyes and deduce other, more beneficial solutions that were previously hidden to us. The result is a more prosperous future based on more informed decisions.

There are many ways to bring the power of Tiger’s Eye into your life, including these fine examples.


Citrine for Prosperity

Citrine Gemstones

Known as the Merchant Stone for its history of bringing prosperity to business owners, Citrine also aids those whose mindset concerning their finances has become far too negative.

Nearly everyone succumbs sooner or later to the negativity associated with finances. Lack of funds and mounting debts often appear to be insurmountable, and hope is often the first casualty of such situations.

But Citrine is by far the most powerful gemstone for the manifestation of prosperity. Its brilliance casts a bright light on your negative thoughts and emotions, clearing the way for a more balanced approach and the ability to discover new paths to a more prosperous future.

Find out what so many merchants throughout history have discovered with beautifully crafted Citrine jewelry, accessories and decorations like these.


Prosperity Gemstones for All

Woman giving gift to friend who has her eyes covered

Improving finances through greater success and prosperity is a challenging task. During the cold winter months — or any time of year — that challenge can be made easier not just for you, but for your loved ones. With the right gemstones and an open mind and heart, there’s no limit to the prosperity you can invite into your life and pass on to those who need it most!

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