March 08, 2020 4 min read

I don’t know about you, but if you’ve been feeling blocked...out of balance...worried about everything seemingly for no reason...or even like YOU are the one sabotaging your own wellbeing…
You’re not alone.
We’ve all felt this way at some time or another (yep, us too ;-) but the WORST thing about it is…
When you’ve tried everything you know to try to feel better and make these terrible doubts and insecurities go away...and nothing works!
(Or at least not for good. Oh, you may feel “better” for awhile - but then the needless fears and worries creep back in, sneakily, relentlessly)...Ugh.
Why is this?
Listen closely, because I’m going to let you in on a secret.
Everything you’re experiencing right now...the relentless worrying, the self-doubt, the way you keep doing things you KNOW aren’t the best thing for you but can’t seem to stop

It’s All Because Of Your Muladhara.
WAIT. ...Whaaaat??
Ok. Here’s what’s going on for you right now.

Your Muladhara - otherwise known as your Root Chakra - is all out of whack.

Whether we call it “unbalanced” or “blocked” or whatever...the end result is that your Root Chakra is not in alignment and working like it should be for you…

And THIS is why these symptoms and blockages keep cropping up in your life (regardless of how much “therapy” or “work on yourself” you do)!

Now, don’t worry.

If the words “Root Chakra” (or Muladhara) are unfamiliar to you, that’s ok.

We’re going to explain it quickly  here for you (before we give you a way to fix it and bring everything back into alignment and balance right away).

Here’s What You Need To Know About Your Root Chakra or “Muladhara”
Your Muladhara governs your family ties and feelings of survival, belonging, and guardedness.
Your earliest memories are stored there (including whether or not your basic needs were met).
When it is blocked or out of balance, you can become needy, have low self-esteem, or have self-destructive behaviors.
When your Muladhara is in balance, you feel strong and confident; you can stand up on your own two feet and take care of yourself!
“So… Okay,” you may be wondering… “Great. My Root Chakra is out of balance. What does this have to do with the most beautiful Mala in the world?”

Here’s the connection.

A Mala is a beaded rosary or string of prayer beads used during chanting or meditation. They are employed to focus one’s awareness and concentration during spiritual practice.

Though the number of beads varies from mala to mala, the most common ones are the 108 bead full Mala and the 27 bead wrist mala (4 X 27 = 108).

In addition, the Malas always have a larger, more decorative meru (guru bead) and a spacer bead.

Additional silver or gold counters are attached to keep track of the hundreds and thousands of bhums (repetitions of 108).

A burgundy or maroon cord threads the beads together and also symbolizes the unbroken lineage teachings and bloodline of the Buddha.

The way that you use a Mala is that you hold it in your left (receiving) hand, with the beads between your index finger and thumb.

Then, you count mantra recitations and focus your concentration on what you want to achieve during practice.

*(Counting mantras with your Mala occupies the hand/body, reciting mantra occupies the voice, and visualization of the deity occupies the mind).

By focusing these three aspects of yourself onto the practice at once, the benefits are multiplied and the spiritual merit accumulates…
Thus Imbuing Your Mala With Protective Power That Is ONGOING and EVERLASTING…
...So that when you wear it around your neck, the ENERGY you have imbued it with, to cancel out your fears and doubts, and replace them with strength, confidence, and stability, STAYS WITH YOU all day (and night) long!

But that’s not all.

Even if you don’t already have a mantra that you currently use to strengthen and balance your Root Chakra...

Just to make absolutely sure your Mala works for you, we’ve commissioned two amazing spiritual guides to create a special, specific musical mantra that you can listen to while you hold your Mala beads…

It’s a beautiful meditation and mantra, with 108 repetitions of an affirmation plus the sanskrit seed syllable over a track of singing bowls

Which we had specially composed at the proper frequency and key for healing your root chakra!

 The creator of your Mala mantra is Dmitry, a composer and music producer from Spain who specializes in spiritual healing music.  

He goes into deep meditation before beginning to write each piece of music so he can be sure it not only sounds right but that it creates the healing energies necessary.

In addition, the artist who voices your mantra for you on this recording is Maris - a musician, writer, reiki master, and motivational speaker.  In her own words she is  “on a journey to heal myself and others through music."

Which all comes down to saying…
We Could Not Have Asked For A Better Pair Of Human Beings To Create Your Mala Mantra For You!
Just imagine…

You sit down in your favorite, peaceful, “meditative space”...

You hold your beautiful, deep red, sandalwood-beaded Mala in your hands
You turn on your Mala mantra (which includes rhythmic, relaxing Sanskrit seed syllables layered over a track of crystal singing bowls)...

And begin your ritual, moving and counting each bead as the mantra plays, not only bringing your Root Chakra into perfect balance in that moment…

But also imbuing each part of your Mala necklace with ongoing healing frequencies and protection, so that it will keep your Root Chakra balanced and filling you with courage, strength, and positive energy every single day you wear it…

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