Chrysocolla Bracelet

Celebrate a New Beginning

Are you beginning a new journey or looking for a fresh start? Chrysocolla is the gemstone of new adventures, motivation and inspiration!

Sometimes we look around and realize that somewhere along the line, we got stuck in a rut. Be it with a job, a relationship, or life in general, it feels like we're simply going through the motions each day - it's as though we've forgotten to LIVE!

This gorgeous chrysocolla bracelet is here to wake you up, get you moving and help you remember that you have dreams and goals to chase, experiences to cherish, and new friends and romances just waiting for you to find them!

Available in a variety of stone sizes, this beautiful bracelet is a stylish symbol of your desire to begin anew. And it's an ideal gift for that special friend starting a new chapter in their life!

  • A beautiful symbol of your desire for change
  • Makes for the perfect gift
  • Available in 4/6/8/10/12mm stones

Celebrate your new beginning today!

A remarkable tool on your spiritual path

    A beautiful reminder of your commitment to mindfulness and awakening

      A perfect gift for loved ones