Rainbow Eye Natural Obsidian Pendant Necklace

Rainbow Obsidian is a polished gemstone for those looking for a energy transfer of joy, love, and aids in healing of the heart.

The Rainbow polished stone is a reminder that there is a rainbow in darkness. 

The obsidian stone is a grounding and protecting stone great for cleansing negative energies in environments, in spirits and our emotions.

Wearing this stone helps wash away such emotions like, anger, jealousy, greed, and resentment.  The Rainbow Obsidian will help you see your mistakes, errors and your weaknesses, insecurities and in helping you to correct your behavior or action.Used in the root chakra.

Also The rainbow obsidian is known to aid in digestion, nausea and acid reflux from bad energy. 

This Handmade necklace comes with one obsidian stone in your choice of 14,16,18 or 20mm, Each one is then hand tied to a 16mm  rope before delivery.