What Crystals and stones add wealth?

Manifesting with crystals for wealth opens you up to recognize and accept opportunities with confidence.

We spoke to Five crystal experts for their top picks on the crystals and stone for manifesting money, wealth, and creating a life of abundance.

The Answers were abundant but based on their insight we narrowed it down to 3 and here they are with a explaination.

Pyrite- Fools Gold


Tiger Eye


Pyrite? Fools Gold?

Let us just say that we did not think this one would be a suggested stone. 


However,  Pyrite grounds you and repairs your financial levels from scratch. Best for students and adults starting out on money stone crystals, pyrite gemstone attracts wealth your way.

Pyrite is one of the best abundance stones that will regain your financial balance so that you can start your creative journey. It protects you against debt and keeps attracts prosperity using the energies of the third eye chakra. A Great starter tool for visualization during meditation. 

Best Place to put Pyrite? 
According to Fend Shui the pyrite should be placed in a northeast corner since it is a earth element and a healing crystal.  


Citrine Also Known as the "Success stone" 

It is said to promote and manifest success and abundance, particularly in business. It's amazing color is because of the rich Iron content. Some Citrine is actually burnt amethyst! 

Citrine is a fabulous stone to use to combat negative energy of any kind by breaking them up and dissipating them. It is helpful to clear unwanted energies from the environment.  

This stone can be used in meditation, Visualization or place anywhere in your home to rid the negative energy from thoughts other than the money you deserve. 



Tiger Eye

tiger's eye is a great stone for staying grounded and sensible around money. 

It's also a talisman of luck and good fortune, so don't underestimate its fortune-flowing ability, particularly when you combine it with some of the other money-attracting crystals.

It also enhances integrity, will power, self-confidence as well as wealth to help you save when needed.  Tigers eye stone has a calming, centering & grounding vibration. It Stimulates to take action and helps you make decisions with understanding without clouded judgement. Also known as a great motivation stone. Probably due to its amazing rich colors and natural formation look. 

You can charge your wallet with a tiger eye healing crystals for attracting wealth. It will invite opportunities to expand financially and find better monetary gains in your situations.

What is the Feng Shui Direction to Place Tiger Eye Crystals for Wealth?
Tiger Eye for Wealth must be placed in the southeast direction of your safe or entrance of the house.

How to use Tiger Eye Crystals for Wealth?
Take your Tiger Eye Crystals in Hand.
Aim it at the root or sacral chakra.
Now visualize growing wealth with tiger eye on the root or sacral chakra.