Black Quartz Sphere

These uniquely beautiful, 1 3/4" diameter spheres from Divine Buddha Shop are mostly black tourmaline with clear and/or white quartz, creating a yin-yang energy encompassing the dualities of light and dark, positive and negative.

Crystal spheres transmit energy in all directions proportionately and assist in better unification of body, mind and spirit.

When you think of a crystal ball, you usually will think of a fortune teller waving their hands to conjure images inside it. In actuality, crystal balls are merely a tool for focusing your mind and freeing your third eye during divinations and meditation. Crystal gazing allows your unconscious and conscious mind to act together.

​Tourmaline Quartz combines the properties of black tourmaline and quartz crystal, making it a powerful combination for crystal healing.

Clear quartz is an amplifier, one of the most common and powerful healing tools used to increase energy in the system.

Black Tourmaline acts like a conductor, picking up stray elements of negativity and sending them into the neutralizing zone of the earth. This combination makes it one of the most powerful cleansing and purifying crystals to use in a healing context including mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies.


A remarkable tool on your spiritual path

    A beautiful reminder of your commitment to mindfulness and awakening

      A perfect gift for loved ones