Boji Stones Pairs, Moqui Shaman Stones

  • MOQUI MARBLE MALE & FEMALE PAIR: Tap into the ancient wisdom of native shamans with this pair of Moqui Marbles. Hold the dark chocolate stones in your hands and feel the strong pull of Earth energy through their rugged, grainy and sensory textures. They take you on a sacred shamanic journey to meet your spirit guides and animal totems. Play with the Shaman Stones as you let go of your worries. Let the energy flow through your hands and settle your entire body, balancing yin and yang.
  • NAVAJO DESERT SHAMAN STONES: Your pair of Moqui Marbles are made from rocky Hematite and Sandstone concretions. The naturally rounded one is female. The one with a ridge or flatter disc shape is male. Other names for Moqui Marbles are Moqui Stones, Moqui Balls, Navajo Cherries and Shaman Stones. They are found in the Navajo Desert in the United States of America.
  • MOQUI STONE MEANING: Moqui Balls bring you spiritual knowledge and deepening of ancient ways. They are called Shaman Stones because they were used by indigenous Moqui Indians in spiritual ceremonial rituals. You need Moqui Marbles to help you ground after any kind of meditation or healing work that gets your vibration up. By holding the grounding and protection crystal Moqui Marbles, your aura will be sealed so that no bad energies and influences can enter.
  • REAL NATURAL GEMSTONES: You receive one unique male and female pair from a limited, hand picked Satin Crystals collection. Each piece is Reiki-infused.