Natural Citrine pendant stone Necklace

  • Citrine Raw hand made chakra healing energy therapy crystals stone pendant necklace jewelry for men and woman, a genuine gemstone with a natural shape
  • Stone minimum size: 0.8"x 0.6"x0.2" necklace: 3 m"m braided synthetic leather length: 17" and 2" extension The pendant is attached to the necklace with epoxy glue designed to a triangle shape and colored by hand in natural brown color, also a small blue howlite healing stone stamped in the center
  • Stone Properties: Stone of wealth and livelihood. It helps resolve problems related to intellect and emotions. A positive effect on education, business, and relationships.
  • We make our necklaces with love and try to give you the best clean and clear stone so that you will be most pleased with it. note that there can be a slight difference in the size of the pendant because it is a genuine natural gemstone and comes in different shapes and sizes.