natural red jasper bracelet

Red Jasper will hug you with its comforting essence. Red Jasper’s energy is the support you can lean on when stress is tearing you down. As a supreme nurturer, jasper soothes the mind of anxiety so that it can focus on other things. Jasper’s encouragement helps you to take on new pursuits, deal with conflicts and approach problems with creative solutions.

Red Jasper stones are the mood stabilizers. The Red Jasper properties grab hold of your root chakra and plant it firmly within the positive, nurturing and motivated energy of the Earth. By adding stability to these lower chakras, you are less likely to be toppled by the emotional turbulence of higher chakras. If you are a worrier, consult a Red Jasper stone to dim those constant thoughts, and sleep, live and love with greater ease.

When to Use Your Red Jasper Stone:

Ask yourself: What part of my life do I need to take action in? Write down what comes up. Carry your stone with you as a reminder to take action in your life.

The silken look of red jasper belies the powerful association of this often over looked gemstone. In this breath taking bracelet you will find the natural aesthetics calming soothing and a peaceful reminder to stop the cycle of bad energy and thoughts.