Natural Tiger Eye Healing Pyramid

Tiger’s Eye is a high vibration stone that combines the energies of the earth with the sun. Tiger’s Eye is a stone that helps to ground a person and is beneficial for enhances ones psychic abilities. Tiger’s Eye is beneficial for those who wish to open and or stimulate their Kundalini energy as it enables it to rise. Tiger’s Eye protects its wearer against evil eye and curses bestowed from another person. Tiger’s Eye allows a person to commit to a project and helps a person determine what it is they truly want. Tiger’s Eye helps a person with personal dilemmas and is beneficial for those with personality disorders. Tiger’s Eye enhances self-worth and allows a person to see their true talents. Balances ying and yang as well as lifts and alleviates depression. Tiger’s Eye helps stimulate creativity and spiritual grounding. Powerful stone that helps to open and enhance psychic vision. Tiger’s Eye also helps to attract luck and money.


  • Enhances perception
  • Balances ying and yang
  • Helps dissolve fatigue
  • Beneficial for hemophilia
  • Beneficial for hepatitis
  • Alleviates depression
  • Strengthens eyes
  • Helps with night vision
  • Benefits the throat
  • Helps reproductive organs
  • Helps heal broken bones
  • Helps remove hypochondriac tendencies
  • Alleviates psychosomatic tendencies


  • Money
  • Protection
  • Divination


Chakra: Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus and Third Eye

Zodiac: Leo and Capricorn

3" in width and 2" in height