Organite Pyramid

Orgonite Pyramid, Large, 82mm, All 7 Chakras, Reiki Symbol, Orgone Crystal, EMF Protection, Energy Conversion, Healing, Harmony, Balance

Measures approximately 82mm (base) x 60mm (tall)

Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals and various stones that has all kinds of metaphysical properties. The name derives from the term "orgone" which is a form of energy also known as chi, prana, or simply life force. It has the powerful ability to cleanse energies, translate negative energy into positive energy, and provide balance to one's physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. It can also help filter toxic energies from the environment, particularly those from electromagnetic sources. It's very commonly used to protect one from EMF radiations.

Orgone material can come in all sorts of variations. This orgonite is especially powerful as it contains stones from all seven chakras. Not only are you getting the abilities of orgonite itself but also those within each of the seven chakras, and ones that arise from the unity of all seven. It also contains a reiki symbol on the front, representing the beginning of a healing session or

7th - Crown - Spirituality
6th - Brow/Third Eye - Visualization & Focus
5th - Throat - Communication, Expression, & Honesty
4th - Heart - Love & Relationships
3rd - Solar Plexus - Confidence & Self-Control
2nd - Sacral - Experience & Excitement
1st - Root - Grounding